Leather Goods Manufacturing And Repairs Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2016

Question 2

(a) Differentiate between tools and equipments.

(b) List four equipment used in a leather workshop .

(c) State four safety measures to be observed in a leather goods industry.



This question was attempted by most candidates. The question required candidates to define tools and equipment, list various equipment used in a leather workshop and explain measures to be put in place to prevent accidents in leather goods industry. Most candidates were able to define tools and equipment and list equipment that can be found in leather goods industry but were unable state the measures to be put in place to prevent accidents in the (c) part of the question. This prevented them from scoring the maximum mark.

The candidates were expected to provide the following answers to obtain the maximum marks.


(a) Tools are small implements used with the aid of the hand to facilitate certain activities and tasks.

- tools are hand held device that aid in accomplishing a task

- implements that aid the facilitation of some task.

- a piece of implement designed to facilitate certain work or function e.g. hammer, mallet, carving tools etc

While equipment are:

- moveable or stationed machines designed to perform certain functions or tasks

- large stationed objects designed to perform certain task such as cutting, splitting e.g. cutting machine, splitting machine etc


(b) - sewing machine

- cutting machines

- spraying machines

- embossing machine

- stamping machine

- clicking board

- wooden block

- sole trimmer

- leather splitter

- pneumatic clicker press

- strap cutter morpon

- working table

- besser lock stitch


(c) - put on hand gloves, eye and nose covering;

- put on an overall;

- wear safety boots;

- avoid using tools that are due for repairs;

- switch off all electrical appliances when not in use;

- carry out servicing regularly;

- provision of fire extinguisher;

- labeling of chemicals;

- use of thimbles during hand stitching;

- workshop should be well ventilated.