Leather Goods Manufacturing And Repairs Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2017

Question 5

  1. Describe any five of the following types of shoes:

    1. court shoes;
    2. brogues;
    3. clogs;
    4. cowboy boots;
    5. flip-flops;
    6. moccasins;
    7. oxford shoes.




This question was quite popular among the candidates. Candidates were required to describe some types of shoes.  Most candidates were able to adequately describe the shoes listed and scored relatively high marks. Candidates’ performance in this question was also very impressive. Candidates were expected to provide the following to score maximum marks in this question.

(i)       Court shoes. Also known as pumps in North America are low cut, heeled, slip-on shoes for women. The heel is usually 2cm to 9cm in height. The heel and toes can be any shape dictated by the fashion of the time.
(ii)      Brogues is a coarse Gaelic shoe that is made from heavy and untanned leather with decorative punched holes. Brogues can also refer to Oxford shoes that have fringe or wing tips. It is a laced shoe having a punched “medallion” decoration on the toe section.
(iii)     Clogs (or Sabot) is a backless slip-on shoe with a thick sole and a large bulbous toe section that has an inclination towards the toe. Clogs have evolved in a variety of footwear which has its origin from traditional Swedish and Dutch all wooden Clog.
(iv)     Cowboy boots is a type of riding boots traditionally worn by cowboys with heel, pointed toe and ornamental stitching. The pointed toe helps the foot find its way into the stirrup while the rider mounts a horse.
(v)      Flip flops are flat, backless sandals that consist of a flat sole held on the foot by a V-shape strap secured at the three points; between the big and second toes and at the sides of the foot.
(vi)     Moccasins are shoes made of single piece of leather with hard or soft sole and the upper is often covered in embroidery and beading with its lace running through the sides into the eyelets above the tongue.


(vii)    Oxford shoes belong to a class of leather shoes with enclosed lacing constructed from side leather or sometimes synthetic materials. Modern oxford shoes usually have a piece of leather stitched on the toe section; these are referred to as Toe Cap Oxford or Oxford Caps.