Literature-In-English Paper 3, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 7

Discuss the significance of the revelation of Jack’s true identity.


The following points were expected from the candidates:

(1)       A summary of Jack’s life before the revelation;
(2)       The revelation – how it comes about;
(3)       Significance of the revelation:     
            (i)         Jack is discovered to be Algernon’s brother
            (ii)        Jack and Gwendolen can now marry just as Cecily and Algernon can.
            (iii)       Miss Prism is shown as one with little or no sense of remorse - she fails to
apologise for her misdeed of placing a baby in a bag at a railway station.
            (iv)       The discovery of Jack’s real name as Ernest.

Few candidates that attempted the question performed poorly.

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