Literature-In-English Paper 3, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 9

Examine the use of imagery in “Ambassadors of Poverty”.


The poet uses predominating visual images to express his disgust with the corruption which is prevalent in African societies. The negative activities of the so-called “Ambassadors” expose the depth of the corruption in these societies. They are all “Ambassadors of Poverty” giving the word “ambassador” an ironical twist.

The visual image involving “the head abroad and the anus at home” emphasizes the stench of the endemic corruption in the society. There is also the image of government workers who are described as “office loafers” and “barons of incompetence”.

There are other images involving “the landlords” who charge exorbitant rents, thus contributing to the theme of corruption. The political elite, the rancorous elite, and the elusive importers who pursue their own comfort and personal wealth at the expense of the poor.

Many candidates who answered this question presented various degrees of the account of the poem without really discussing the use of imagery.  The resultant effect was low scores for wrong approach.


Few Candidates attempted the question and their performance was poor.
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