Literature-In-English Paper 3, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 4

Examine the role of chorus in advancing the plot.


The chorus in traditional  Greek theatre is a group of actors on stage who comment on the actions of the play. In this play, Women of Owu, the chorus comprises a group of Owu women who survived the destruction of the city and are partakers of the suffering.  They provide information on current and past events in the play, warn people about the consequences of certain actions; encourage other women to accept their challenge and serve as custodians of the people’s culture and tradition etc. They also

  1. plead with Anlugbua to intervene on behalf of Owu;
  2. empathize with Erelu on the calamities that have befallen her;
  3. warn Erelu against speaking evil of the gods;
  4. encourage people to have hope and curse the allied forces;
  5. remind Erelu of her duty to perform the rites of passage;
  6. invoke Anlugbua’s spirit to plead for those who died and forgiveness for those who live.

Few Candidates that attempted the question performed poorly.

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