Literature-In-English Paper 3 May/June 2015

Question 1

    The Blinkards

    Examine the importance of setting in the play.


Many candidates attempted this question. However, many of them focused on the characters rather than on the background of the play.

The required answers should include:

  • The play is set in Cape Coast which used to be the capital of the then Gold Coast in the 1930s.
  • One is built around the Cosmopolitan Club where some forms of English manners of dressing and behaviour are observed. The dominant figures are Mrs Borofosem, her ladies and admirers.
  • The other is traditional setting with it demands that the Fanti language and culture should not be set aside.
  • It also takes place during a period of colonial rule when colonial Cape Coast is no longer at ease with traditional ways of life.

    Candidates’ performance was poor.