Literature-In-English Paper 3 May/June 2015

Question 4

    Women of Owu

    Discuss Iyunloye’s defence as a victim in the play.


A good number of candidates attempted this question. Many of them gave a character sketch on Iyunloye and failed to discuss her defence as a victim. Only few candidates were able to answer the question correctly.

The following points were expected from the candidates:

  • Erelu’s antagonism towards Iyunloye whom she believed brought destruction on Owu.
  • Iyunloye’s defence that she was taken into captivity and how she tried to escape several times.
  • Maye’s decision that Iyunloye will die by stoning and her use of beauty and wit in making Maye spare her life.
  • Maye’s refusal to heed Erelu’s warning not to look into Iyunloye’s eyes so that he will not be deceived.
  • The people’s disappointment when Maye eventually rides home with Iyunloye whom he had earlier pronounced will be put to death for her infidelity.

    Candidates’ performance in this question was poor.