Literature-In-English Paper 3 May/June 2015

Question 11

    Discuss the changing mood of the poet in “The Sunne Rising”.


A good number of candidates attempted this question. Many of them were able to bring out the changing mood of the poet at various stages.

Candidates were expected to discuss the following points:

  • The confrontation between a lover and the sun.
  • At first, he is angry at the sun for shinning into the room where he and his mistress are lying in bed.
  • In the second stanza, the poet softens as he acknowledges the power of the sun’s rays and boasts that he could “eclipse” it “with a winkle”.
  • The boast continues in the third stanza where he presents his lover as perfection itself. He sees the sun as ageing and requiring rest, yet having his work to do.
  • The initial angry mood of the poet, changes to become persuasive, then conciliatory and persuasive.

    Candidates’ performance was fair.