Literature-In-English Paper 3 May/June 2015

Question 2

    The Blinkards

    Examine the humour of the wedding reception at Hamilton House.


A good number of candidates attempted this question, though many of them could not bring out the humour at the wedding reception. Rather, they dwelt on humour as used generally in the play.

The required answers should include:

  • The dressing of the members of the Cosmopolitan Club.
  • Their president, having volunteered to be the master of ceremony, is busy running around with a bottle of whisky, glasses and soda.
  • The speech given by members of the Cosmopolitan Club, who believe that to be a gentleman, they must imitate the Europeans.
  • Mrs Borofosem’s attitude when she asked Okadu to “take the knife and stick the cake” while the bride, Miss Tsiba is asked to “hold the knife and cut it to the plate”.
  • Candidates’ performance was fair.