Photography Paper 3 May/June 2015

Question 1

  1. Use the photograph above to answer the following questions:
  1. List seven objects/subjects in the photograph.
  2. Explain in two sentences, the content of the photograph.
  3. What is the photographer’s centre of interest?
  4. Identify two elements of composition used by the photographer to direct viewer’s attention to the subject.
  5. In which environment was the photograph taken?
  6. What is the likely occupation of the subject?


This is a compulsory question and as such, it attracted all the candidates. Some of these candidates came up with appropriate responses, which appeared to have been guided. Many others responded poorly. Candidates were expected to highlight some of the following in their answer:
(a)        (i)       canoe/boat;     
          (ii)       water/river;
         (iii)       boy/young man;

  1. rowing stick/rod/paddle/stick;
  2. palm/coconut trees;
  3. houses;
  4. weed;
  5. car;
  6. overhead tank;
  7. water tank;
  8. sky.

(i)         A young man/boy on a canoe/boat
(ii)        The young man/boy is not far from human settlement

(c)        The young man/boy pushing/rowing a canoe/boat

(i)         Closeness  (ii)  Balance/Rule of Third  (iii)  Line


A riverine/coastal/Acquatic Community/River side

Canoe/Boat operator  (ii)  Fishing/Fisherman