Photography Paper 3 May/June 2015

Candidates' Weaknesses

The weakness observed in the scripts of the candidates include:

  1. Inadequate knowledge of photography

This manifested in candidates’ poor responses to questions on composition, analogue camera, film, picture taking and Darkroom content and processes.
(2)        Poor use of English
Candidates found it difficult to organise their points coherently. In most cases, responses were disorganised and lacking coherence. This is usually a consequence of poor understanding and use of the English language.


The deficiencies identified above could be addressed through the following:

  1. Improved teaching

Teachers should endeavour to improve themselves especially in important areas of photography. This would enable them to give effective instruction to students in the classroom.
(2)        Provision of Camera
Each school offering photography should try to acquire 35mm/SLR analogue camera for practical training of students. This would familiarize the students with the basic processes of picture taking.
(3)        Exhibition of photographs
Schools should organise photography exhibition periodically. This would help the students to improve through peer group assessment/criticism.
(4)        Training of teachers
Schools should expose the teachers of photography to constant training. This is more important as most of the current photography teachers have visual arts background, which needs to be improved upon.

(5)        Regular visits to established photo studios
Students should be encouraged to visit established studios regularly. This would expose them to quality photography and techniques, which would further sharpen their knowledge.
(6)        Reading of books and Internet resources
Students should develop the habit of reading, both from books and Internet resources. This is capable of helping them to increase their knowledge.
(7)        Improved understanding of English Language
Candidates should make effort on improving their understanding and use of the English Language. This will enable them to comprehend the requirements of questions, as it will also facilitate logical expression and coherent presentation of points. They can approach this by devoting quality time to reading books, novels, journals, etc.