Photography Paper 3 May/June 2015

Question 5

  1. Highlight the processes involved in producing a picture using a digital camera under the following headings:
    (a)        capturing;
    (b)        editing;
    (c)        storing;
    (d)        printing;
    (e)        finishing.


This question was attempted by most of the candidates and most of them showed slight understanding of picture taking with a digital camera, but they could not give a step-by-step explanation of the process. This made them to loose some parts of the marks. Candidates should have responded as follows to the question:

-           Select the subject
-           Find a suitable location if it is a portrait picture
-           Get the equipment (Camera etc) ready for the shoot
-           Compose the image
-           Take the picture.



            OPTION A:  COMPUTER

-           switch on the computer
-           download the images into the computer by putting them in a folder
-           open the editing software
-           import the pictures for editing from the folder
-           edit based on how the final image should be
-           save the edited images under a new name
-           shut down the computer system.


-           switch on the camera
-           go to the menu
-           select the editing option
-           work on the image as desired i.e. cropping, expose adjustment, resizing etc.
-           save the edited image
-           power off the camera.


-           the edited image can be stored inside the computer
-           the image can be printed and stored in an album
-           the soft copy (edited image) can be stored online
-           the edited image can also be stored in an external device such as memory
Card, CD/DVD, Flash drive or hard disk.


-           the image can be printed from the computer through a photo printer
-           a soft copy/digital image could equally be printed at a commercial photo laboratory

-           the image can also be printed directly on supports such as fabrics, flex, Stickers, plastics etc using large format printers.


-           the print can be mounted on boards
-           the picture can be made into a photo book
-           the picture can be framed, using wood/aluminium/glazed e.t.c.
-           mounted prints can be laminated
-           prints can be neatly arranged in an album.