Photography Paper 3 May/June 2015

Question 3

  1. (a)        Using the diagram above, identify the parts of camera labelled 1 to 10.
    (b)        State one function of each of any five parts of the camera listed in 3(a) above.


This question attracted most of the candidates and some of them were able to identify the labelled parts. However, most of the candidates could not state appropriately, the function of the labelled parts and this made them to loose substantial marks. Candidates were expected to mention some of the following in their responses:
          (1)     Focusing ring.
          (2)     Rewind crank/knob lever.
          (3)     Film advance lever.
          (4)     Hot shoe.
          (5)      Lens.
          (6)      Shutter speed dial (Shutter speed without ‘dial’ attracts no mark).
          (7)      Aperture ring (Aperture without ‘ring’ attracts no mark).
          (8)      Shutter release/shutter button/shutter release button.
           (9)      Self-timer.
          (10)    Flash socket.

(b)        (i)         Focusing Ring

  • It is used to make the image sharp when the ring on the lens is adjusted.


(ii)        Rewind Crank/knob lever

  • Its enables the exposed film inside the camera to be moved back into its cartridge/canister before being taken out for processing.
  • It works in conjunction with rewind release
  • It can also be used by the photographer to firm up a film after loading

(iii)       Film advance lever

  • Each exposure in a roll of film must be transported by hand in a manual camera with the aid of this part.

(iv)       Hot shoe

  • It helps to hold external flash firmly on the camera.
  • It enables the flash to work electronically with the camera without a cable.


(v)        Lens

  • An optical device/material that serves as the eye of the camera.
  • Its quality determines the image quality.
  • It is an image - forming collection of glass elements through which a photographer sees his subject.
  • Image/subject sharpness lies with the lens - with the help of a focusing ring.


(vi)       Shutter speed dial

  • It is control knob on the camera used in controlling shutter speed setting.

(vii)      Aperture Ring

It is a setting on the lens that enables the photographer to select the desired aperture.

                        (viii)     Shutter release button

  • It activates the camera operation thus enabling exposure of the film to light.
  • It opens the shutter blind to allow the image to be captured.


(ix)       Self Timer

  • It is a part/knob on the camera that gives a delay between pressing the shutter and the shutter activation.
  • It can be used to reduce camera shake when taking pictures in low light or with a telephoto lens.
  • The device allows a photographer take himself with his camera.

(x)        Flash Socket

  • It is an opening on the camera where an external flash can be connected to the camera body via a cable/wire.