Photography Paper 3 May/June 2015

Question 2

  1. Use the photograph above to answer the following questions:
    (a)        Explain in two sentences, the content of the photograph.
    (b)        Identify six subjects/objects in the picture.
    (c)        What is the photographer’s main focus in the frame?
    (d)       State the element of composition used by the photographer to direct viewer’s attention to the centre of interest.
    (e)        Explain the reason for your answer in (d) above.
    (f)        State two things the photograph is saying about Nigeria.


This is also a compulsory question that attracted all the candidates. Some of these candidates came up with appropriate responses, which appeared to have been guided. Many responded inadequately when they were expected to give some of the following points in their answer:
(a)        (i)         A group of female traditional/cultural dancers at a public outing/gathering/function.
          (ii)        The dancers faces show happiness and joy

(b)        (i)         women;
(ii)        beaded necklace;
(iii)       horse tail;
(iv)       loin cloth/wrapper/garment;
(v)        beaded gourds;
(vi)       ear rings/ornament;
(vii)      decorated hairdo/traditional headgear/beaded crown;
(viii)     beaded bangles;
(ix)       Audience/spectators/onlookers;
(x)        Ground.

(c)        The female dancers/Traditional dancers/Women dancing in their traditional attire

(d)       (i)         Closeness  (ii)  Texture

(e)        (i)         The female dancers filled the frame.
(ii)        The dancers are visually domineering.
(iii)       It is very easy to observe the dancers’ facial expressions.

(f)        (i)         A land of culture/tradition.
(ii)        Nigerians are happy people.
(iii)       Nigeria is a home of cultural tourism.