Physics Paper 2, MAy/June. 2013  
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General Comments

Question 4

What is Brownian motion? (b) State the two inferences that can be drawn from Brownian motion experiment. A good fraction of the candidates attempted this question and they were not able to realize the difference between Brownian motion and random motion as indicated in their responses Candidates did not indicate that the particles in motion were freely suspended in a fluid Wrong inferences were equally stated in part (b) by most candidates an indication of poor grasp of the concept. Generally performance was fair



The expected answers are:
(a)   Brownian motion
        This is continuous random movement of particles suspended in a fluid.            

(b)    Inferences from Brownian motion                                                       
                      -   existence of molecules, (proving the molecular theory of matter)            

                      -   motion of molecules,(proving the kinetic theory of matter).                     

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