Physics Paper 2, MAy/June. 2013  
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General Comments

Question 6

  1. What is a polarizer?
  2.   With the aid of a diagram, explain how a polarizer can be used to polarize a beam of unpolarized light.



This question was attempted by many candidates however, and the performance was fair.
In part (a) for instance, many candidates were defining  polarization instead of a polarizer some even defined a  polarizer as a device used to polarize a beam of unpolarized light. In part (b) most candidates were able to draw the diagram but could not explain how it worked.
The expected answers are:

  1. (a)   A polarizer is an (optical) device which allows vibrations(of light) to pass through in only one  plane perpendicular to the direction of propagation                                 

Note : Accept ‘direction’ in place of plane.

Diagram showing and labeling of all components along with direction of propagation Unpolarized light has vibrations in all directions . A polarizer blocks all other vibrations and transmits vibrations in only one plane perpendicular to the direction of propagation
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