Physics Paper 2, MAy/June. 2013  
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General Comments

Question 7

  1. Name one use of ‘LASER’ in each of the following area:

    1.  Communication;
    2. Medicine;
    3. Security.


Few candidates attempted this question and their responses was poor.  The candidates seemed not familiar to the concept in the question.  Some candidates even confused the use of LASER with that of X-rays and gamma rays.  However, only very few candidates were able to give the correct uses of LASER.
The expected answers are:
-   Communication:-  for hologram production, CD,VCD, DVD playing, space
      communication, data transfer, fiber –optic cable. 

  •  Medicine:-  welding the retina of our eyes, boring holes in the skull, cervical cancer surgery, dentistry, cauterizing blood vessels, testing biological samples, monitoring glucose level for diabetic patient.  
  • Security:- guidance system of missiles, aircrafts and satellites, generation of isotopes for nuclear weapons/reactors/enriched uranium production.  




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