Government 2, May/June 2010  
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General Comments

question 12

(a) Describe the composition of the General
Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UNO).
(b) Highlight four functions of the General Assembly.



This question was straightforward and fairly popular among the candidates. Unfortunately, majority of them could not mention enough points to score the maximum marks obtainable. Some other weak candidates merely stumbled on few points or mixed the requirements of the question entirely. Candidates were expected to describe the composition of the General Assembly as being comprise all member States. Each has five representatives in the Assembly. The overall performance of candidates in this question was average. Some of the points candidates left out in their responses to the (b) part included:
(i)it deliberates on issues affecting World Peace and Security;
(ii)it discusses and approves the annual budget of UNO;
(iii)It approves the appointment of the Secretary-General of UNO;
(iv)it receives and considers reports from other organs and specialized agencies of UNO;
(v)it admits new members into UNO;
(vi)it reviews issues that relate to the functions and powers of the other Organs of the Organization;
(vii)it amends the Charter of UNO;
(viii)it elects non-permanent members of the Security Council of UNO, etc.

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