Government 2, May/June 2010  
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General Comments

question 5

(a) Define public corporation
(b) Give reasons for setting up a public corporation in your country.


A popular question answered by majority of the candidates most of who presented brilliant answers to score high marks. Candidates were able to define public corporation as government enterprise set up by an Act of
Parliament to provide essential services like electricity, pipe borne-water, etc for the people at moderate prices. They were handsomely rewarded for the correct definition. More over, majority candidates were also able to state reasons for setting up public Corporation. Some of the points listed by candidates to score high marks included:
(i)  to provide essential and basic services for the people;
(ii) to provide employment for citizens;
(iii)  to prevent the exploitation of the members of the public by unscrupulous profiteers whose sole aim is to maximize profit;
(iv) to undertake essential projects requiring huge capital;
(v)  to undertake strategic projects which the government may not want the private businessmen to handle for security reason;
(vi)  government may also establish corporation for the purpose of generating revenue, etc.
The overall candidates performance in this question was above average.


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