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General Comments

question 7

(a) Describe the composition of the Executive Council of the 1922 Clifford Constitution.
(b) Identify any five ways in which the Clifford Constitution was significant to Nigeria.


Majority of the candidates who tried this question scored above average. However, the common anomaly noticed in candidates' responses was in their attempts to describe the composition of the Executive Council. Candidates were expected to describe the composition of Executive Council as follows:
The Executive Council of the 1922 Clifford Constitution was composed of ten official members. The Council was headed by the Governor. Majority of the candidates were very much at home with identifying the significance of the Constitution. Some of the significance identified included:

(i) it introduced elective principle in which the people of Lagos and Calabar were given suffrage;
(ii) it led to the springing up of Newspapers and magazines like Lagos Daily News, West African Pilot, etc;
(iii) a new Legislative Council was set-up for the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria;
(iv) it created a conducive atmosphere for the springing up of political parties and associations, e.g. the NNDP in 1923;
(v) the Constitution increased political awareness on the part of Nigerians, etc.

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