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question 9

(a) Distinguished between a Secretary of State for the colonies and a Governor-General in the British Colonial administration.
(b) Highlight five functions of the Governor-General in the British West Africa.


This was an unpopular question among the candidates and only a few of them attempted it. They could not adequately distinguish between the two personalities. The part (b) was not adequately dealt with to the extent that out of the eleven points in the marking scheme, hardly could any candidate give up to four. Candidates were expected to answer the question in the following way:

(a) The Secretary of State for the Colonies was a minister resident in Britain. He was responsible for advising the British government on matters affecting its colonies. A Governor-General on the other hand was not a minister. He was appointed by the Queen of Britain on the advice of the Prime Minister. He was resident in the Colony
and acted as the Head of State.

(b) (i) he was authorized to appoint a Prime Minister;
(ii)  he appointed ministers on the advice of the Prime Minister;
(iii) he gave his assent to bills passed by Parliament before they became laws;
(iv) he was empowered to dissolve, prorogue and summon parliament on the advice of the Prime Minister;
(v)  he appointed members of the Public Service Commission and other important government officials on the advice of Prime Minister;
(vi)  he received credentials from foreign dignitaries accredited to his country;
(vii) he addressed the Parliament during the first parliamentary session (Speech from the Throne), etc.


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