Government 2, May/June 2010  
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question 8

Highlight six political changes introduced into the Nigerian political system by the 1954 Constitution.


This was another popular question. Many of the candidates who attempted the question did justice to it and were rewarded appropriately. The overall candidates' performance in the question was good. Candidates were able to highlight the following changes in order to score good marks:
(i)  Federalism - The Constitution consolidated the federal system of government in the country;
(ii) full ministerial responsibilities - Nigerians were made ministers with portfolios;
(iii) direct elections - It brought direct elections to the Eastern and Western Legislatures;
(iv) Premier - Each of the three Regions had a premier as the leader of Government;
(v) regionalization of the Civil Service and Judiciary;
(vi) establishment of the offices of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker in each legislature;
(vii)  it made Governor to become Governor-General and Lieutenant Governors to Governors;
(viii)  Lagos was made a Federal Capital Territory and no longer part of the Western Region, etc.


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