Government 2, Nov/Dec 2013  
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question 4

(a)        Identify any two political rights of citizens in a state.
(b)        Give four ways of safeguarding the political rights.



This was also a very popular question.  However, some candidates did not properly develop their points.  They only listed them and this deprived them some marks. Nevertheless, the candidates performed well in this question as they were able to explain the following points:
  (i) Right to vote on attainment of adulthood;
                    (ii)            right to peaceful assembly;
                    (iii)           right to freedom of speech and expression;
                    (iv)           right to fair hearing and legal representation during political litigations;
                     (v)           right to freedom from discrimination;
                    (vi)           right to freedom of association and conscience;
                    (vii)          right to be voted for as a political candidate.

(b)        (i)         Publication of laws;
                        (ii)        independent Judiciary;
                        (iii)       political/civic education of the citizens;
                        (iv)       independent, well-equipped and corrupt-free police force.
(v)       independent Electoral Commission;                  
                        (vi)       entrenchment of Fundamental Human Rights in the constitution;
                        (vii)      the establishment of Public Complaints Commission/Ombudsman;
                        (viii)     right to freedom from discrimination on political grounds, no citizen                                   should be discriminated against on political grounds;
                         (ix)      efficient legal Aid System;
                         (x)       free press;
                         (xi)      respect for the rule of law;
                         (xii)     respect for international Laws and conventions;       
(xiii)     existence of pressure groups and civil rights organizations;
(xiv)     adherence to the principle of separation of powers;
(xv)      appropriate punishment/sanctions for political rights violators;
(xvi)     democracy.

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