Government 2, Nov/Dec 2013  
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question 1

:(a)    Describe government as an academic field of study.
 (b)  Identify four branches of government as an academic field of study.



This was a popular and a straight forward question. All the candidates who attempted it performed very well and scored high marks. Nevertheless, some candidates deprived themselves good marks by mere listing the points without further explanation. Candidates were expected to provide the following answers to the question:   
(a)    Government as an academic field of study refers to the study of political institutions, processes and theories taught in schools, colleges and higher institution of learning. It is called Political Science in higher institution.
            (b)                     (i)        Political Thought/Theories.
                                     (ii)       Political Sociology.
                                     (iii)      International Relations.
                                     (iv)      Comparative Government and Politics.
                                     (v)       Political Behaviours.
                                     (vi)      Civil Military Relations/Strategic Studies and Defence.
                                     (vii)     Political Economy.
                                     (viii)    Public Administration.
                                     (ix)      Political History.
                                     (x)       Conflict Resolution/Studies.
                                     (xi)      Inter-Governmental Relations.

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