Government 2, Nov/Dec 2013  
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General Comments

question 3

(a)   What is authority?
(b)   Highlight five ways by which citizens can participate in politics.



This was a popular question and the candidates who answered it performed averagely. They really had a good idea of the question. However, a few candidates performed poorly in the part ‘b’. The candidates were expected to write the following points as answers to the question:
(a)        Authority is the legal right to make and enforce laws which the citizens must obey.
(b)        (i)         By belonging to political parties;
                        (ii)        by contesting elections;
                        (iii)       by sponsoring political parties;
                        (iv)       by voting in elections;
                        (v)        by acting as party agents;
                        (vi)       by attending political rallies;
                        (vii)      by holding political posts;
                        (viii)     by acting as election observers/monitors;
                        (ix)       by holding political discussions/campaigns;
                        (x)        by participating in strikes, boycotts and demonstrations;
(xi)       by communicating with political office-holders through memos, letters and petitions;
(xii)      by supporting candidates for elections.

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