Government 2, May/June 2013  
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General Comments


Candidates’ weaknesses as reflected in their work included:

(i) Poor interpretation of the questions Many candidates failed to perform excellently because they were unable to interpret the questions properly and failed to provide the required answers to them. This reduced their chances of scoring good marks.

(ii) Short answers Many answers given by the candidates were short and were not properly explained. The skimpy answers given by them showed that they had no proper knowledge of the points to be explained.

(iii) Poor grammatical expression Many of the candidates lacked simple English language expression to convey their ideas when giving their answers to the questions. Poor tenses and wrong spellings were used and this thereby distorted the intended facts and rendered the whole work sordid.


(i) Candidates should try as much as possible to improve on their use of English language and spellings by reading books and newspapers.

(ii) Candidates should endeavour to study relevant Government textbooks to increase their knowledge and understanding of the subjects.

(iii) Candidates should try to explain their points in order to earn full marks.

(iv) Teachers should endeavour to cover the Syllabus and prepare their candidates properly for the examination. They should endeavour to participate in marking exercise in order to be exposed to marking system so as to know what to focus when teaching the students.

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