Government 2, Nov/Dec 2013  
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question 7

State four achievements of the Clifford’s Constitution of 1922 in Nigeria.



This was also a very popular question.  However, some candidates did not develop their points properly.  They only listed them and this deprived them some marks. Nevertheless, the candidates performed well in this question as they were able to explain the following:
            (i)         The 1922 constitution introduced elective principle;
            (ii)        it gave rise to political activities/awareness in Nigeria;
            (iii)       it led to the formation of the first political party in Nigeria;
            (iv)       the constitution paved way for the establishment of newspapers in Nigeria;
            (v)        it allowed more representation of Nigerians than the previous Nigeria Council;
            (vi)       it laid the foundation for constitutional developments in Nigeria;
            (vii)      it established a constitutional government into Nigeria as opposed to government by statutory instruments;
            (viii)     it increased the tempo of nationalism in Nigeria.



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