Government 2, Nov/Dec 2013  
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question 6

Identify four elements of checks and balances in pre-colonial Yoruba political system.



This question was unpopular and was also avoided some of the candidates. The few ones who attempted it did not perform well, they failed to provide correct answers to the questions. They were only able to mention the functions of the Oyo-mesi. The candidates were expected to provide the following answers in order to score good marks
           (i)         Oyo-mesi – a Council of king-makers;
           (ii)        Ogboni – a secret society/cult;
            (iii)       Ifa, the Oracle/Yoruba tradional priest;
            (iv)       occultic/mystical calabash (Igba iwa);
            (v)        covenant/bond (Imule);
            (vi)       taboo/Prohibition/forbidden acts;
           (vii)      swearing/Oath/Vows (Ibura);
           (viii)     boycott or chiefs refusal to go to the chief’s palace;
           (ix)       revolt/rebellion/uprisings/demonstrations;
           (x)        impeachment/dethronement;
           (xi)       suicide;
           (xii)      exile/banishment;
           (xiii)     hierarchical structure of political/public administration.



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