Health Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2013  
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General Comments



                  The candidates’ weaknesses include their inability to:

  •     master important concepts in Health Science
  •     write correct spellings of technical terms
  • correctly identify diagrams  
  • understand the demands of the questions  
  • name the class of lever represented in the bones and muscles of the arm
  • name injuries that can occur to the part labelled VI in the bones and muscles of the arm 
  • state function of the parts labelled II,III and IV in the illustrated joint
  • state observations which  the thermometer could indicate when used
  • state functions of the urinary structure
  • state causes of infertility in women
  • distinguish between contraception and conception
  • state the deficiency diseases for  vitamin B1,vitamin B2, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D.   

         The following remedies were suggested to overcome these weaknesses;

  • candidates should read extensively to master the subject (Health Science)
  • candidates should make use of dictionary and textbooks to learn the correct spellings of terms
  • candidates should learn to draw diagrams, and label them correctly before the onset of the examination
  • handwriting should be practiced to write legibly.
  • improve on their use of English language
  • cover the syllabus before the onset of the examination
  • read modern textbooks and journals.





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