History Paper 2 Nov/Dec 2015

Question 3

  1. List any three ethnic groups in Nigeria among whom boat building was prominent.
  2. In what four ways was boat building important to the people of Nigeria in pre-colonial times?


This question was widely attempted and most candidates were able to identify three ethnic groups among boat building was important in Nigeria as part (a) of the question required. They mentioned the Ijaw, Urhobo, Itshekiri etc, and got good marks. Generally, many candidates performed very well in this question. However, the (b) part of the question, as easy as it seemed posed some challenges to some candidates. This was because the affected candidates did not take the timing (pre-colonial times) into consideration when answering the question and thus included some extraneous explanations. Specifically, candidates were expected to explain the following points and others within the pre-colonial context.
             (i)        Boat building served as a source of employment and income for the people;
            (ii)        it was important for transportation;
            (iii)       boats built were used for war-fare;
            (iv)       boats were sold as items of trade;

            (v)        boats were used for fishing activities.