History Paper 2 Nov/Dec 2015

Question 6

  1. List any three economic activities of the Benin Kingdom.
  2. Outline any four internal problems that faced Benin Kingdom in the 19th century.


This question was not so much popular with the candidates and their general performance was very low in it. A few of those who attempted it got part (a) right but failed to provide the required responses to part (b) of the question. Many of those candidates could not isolate the internal problems from other problems as was demanded by the question. Wood carving, internal trade, weaving etc, were mentioned by candidates as responses to part (a) of the question while the following points were discussed in part (b) :                                        

(i) Wars among different sections of the society created instability and opened the way for external incursion;
(ii)    dynastic struggles e.g. between the son of Osemwede; Odinovba and Ogbewekon;
(iii)    slave raiding was rampant and it created insecurity of life and property;

    (iv)    revolts of vassal states as a result of emergence of weak rulers.