History Paper 2 Nov/Dec 2015

Question 5

  1.       Identify any five factors which made it impossible for Ibadan to control other Yoruba states.


This question was not popular among the candidates and those who attempted it performed very poorly. Most of the few candidates who attempted it dwelt so much on the factors for the rise of Ibadan to prominence rather than the reasons for her failure to control other Yoruba states as she originally intended. In order to score good marks, candidates were expected to discuss the following points, among other things:

  1. Ibadan was very autocratic in the way it administered its subjects;
  2. imposition of heavy taxes through the Ajele system led to resentment from the people;
  3. Ibadan was unable to suppress some of the erring Yoruba states;
  4. agitation and determination by other Yoruba states to retain their independence;
some powerful Yoruba states joined forces together and formed alliances against Ibadan.