History Paper 2 Nov/Dec 2015

Candidates' Weaknesses

The following weaknesses were shown in the candidates’ work:

  1. Scanty Answers

Some candidates presented very short essays with insufficient historical material and little analysis of the issues under discussion.

  1. Use of English

While there was little improvement in the use of English language by some candidates, many of them still found it difficult to have a lucid expression to convey their ideas as expected.

  1.  Rubric infringement
There were very few rubric infringements by the candidates. The few ones that violated the rubric attempted more than required questions in each section of the paper. This definitely deprived them some marks they could have gotten if the questions were properly selected.



  1. Candidates are advised to learn how to develop their points and analyze historical events rather than presenting short answers where explanations were needed.
  2. Effective communication requires good usage of language and without which an idea can never be lucidly conveyed. It is necessary for candidates to learn good usage of English language so as to be able to express their ideas convincingly.
  3.  Candidates are advised to read historical literature so as to widen their scope and knowledge of historical events. This will help them to overcome the problem of giving scanty answers.
  4. Rubric is a core component of an examination and candidates are advised to observe this set of rules and adhere to the instructions in order not to lose good marks in the cancellation of what they might have labored so much for.