Literature-In-English Paper 3, May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 6
Examine the relationship between Silas and William Dane.

Silas and William are friends in Lanternyard and are quite close. Silas and William's relationship is seen by the other members of church assembly as resembling the friendship of David and Jonathan. In spite of this, the two friends regard their relationship with opposing interest. While Silas is loyal, his friend seeks to surpass him by bringing him down. William plays on Silas trust. He sets Silas up and Silas apparently falls into one of his fits. William steals the church money and accuses Silas of the theft. Silas succumbs to the casting of lot that is tactically manipulated to prove his guilt. The church grants approval for William to marry Sarah, who is Silas betrothed after she has broken her engagement to Silas. These treacheries affect Silas drastically and he sees no profit in trusting any man or even believing in God. This also leads him to settle in Raveloe. The question was shunned by candidates and a few that attempted it performed fairly well.

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