Literature-In-English Paper 3, May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 1
How important is Mama Abbey to Nnu-Ego's survival in the city?


The candidates should evaluate Mama Abbey and Nnu-Ego's relationship and how crucial it is to Nnu-Ego's survival in the city. Mama Abbey is Nnu-Ego's neighbour and mentor. She cares for her numerous needs and assists her during hard times. Mama Abbey cares for Nnu-Ego's children as well. She escort Nnu ego to the post office and helps her to read the letters when Nnaife sends to her. Mama Abbey also helps Nnu-Ego to open a savings account. Nnu-Ego sees Mama Abbey and her family as a role model for her children; this makes her to be
determined to educate Oshia so that he will lead the family like Abbey.
This question was popular among the candidates, it was well attempted.

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