Literature-In-English Paper 3, May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 3
Discuss the view that Aku is a tragic character.

Aku's position in the novel is pathetic, starting from the arrest and detention of her husband, Oshevire who is the breadwinner of the family. Their blissful marriage is disrupted by Oshevire's arrest and detention Aku struggles to survive with her son through the assistance of her husband's business rival, Chief Toje who pushes her towards compromising her fidelity through emotional trauma. Eventually Aku is disgraced in a scandal and this leads to the tragic end of her husband's life when he attempts to leave the scene of disgrace occasioned by his wife's infidelity. Few candidates gave an account of Aku's situation without presenting her as a tragic character. This made them scored low marks.

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