Printing Craft Practice Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 1

            1.         (a)       In a tabular form, state two differences between a linotype and
                                    monotype composition used in letter assembly.

                        (b)       Name two parts of the type face shown in the sketch below.
                        (c)        List five tools used in hand composition





                   Most candidates were able to:

                                    -           name two parts of the type shown;
                                    -           list five tools used in hand composition.

                                    However, they were unable to state the differences between linotype
                                    and monotype composition.


(a)       MONOTYPE                                                             LINOTYPE

                        (1)       The monotype system                                 The linotype operates on one
consists of two separate                              machine i.e. the keyboard and
                                    machines – keyboard and                           caster on one unit.
                                    and caster.

                        (2)       The end product consists                            The end products are on a single
                                    of individual types.                                        line called slug.

                        (3)       Two operators are required                         One operator is required thus
                                    for the keyboard and the caster.                 saving labour cost.
                        (4)       Corrections are easy and can be               Correction is not easy as the  whole
                                    effected by hand on type                             line has to be corrected.
                                    produced from monotype.

                        (5)       It makes use of paper spool from               It is matrixes instead of paper
                                    the keyboard unto the casting                    spool.

(6)       The final product is produced                                 The final product is produced on- line.


(b)       (1)       serif                                                                            
                                    (2)       face                                        
                                    (3)       beard                                     
                                    (4)       nick                                        
                                    (5)       set
                                    (6)       feet
                                    (7)       body
                                    (8)       type height
                                    (9)       shoulder
                                    (10)     bevel  
                                    (11)     groove           


(12)     counter. 


(c)        (1)       setting stick/composing stick
                                    (2)       page cord
                                    (3)       tweezers/bodkin
                                    (4)       quoins
                                    (5)       quoin key
                                    (6)       furniture
                                    (7)       reglets
                                    (8)       quad
                                    (9)       chase
                                    (10)     galley
                                    (11)     mallet
                                    (12)     planer
                                    (13)     brayer .

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