Printing Craft Practice Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 4

4.         (a)       (i)         List the three cylinders of a single colour offset press.
                        (ii)        State one function of each cylinder.

            (b)       List five parts on the feeding unit of a printing machine.

            (c)        With the aid of a well labelled diagram, show the cylinder arrangement on
lithographic wet offset machine.





Most candidates attempted this question and gave a good response. 
However, some candidates did not attempt question 4(c).

                                    The expected response is given below:

                                    (a)       (i)         (1)       plate cylinder;
                                                            (2)       blanket cylinder;
                                                            (3)       impression cylinder.                                     


                                                (ii)        (1)       it carries plate
                                                            (2)       it carries blanket
                                                            (3)       it carries paper, apply pressure and transfer paper        



                                    (b)       (1)       Separator                                           (7)       No sheet detector
                                                (2)       Double sheet detector                      (8)       Joggers                     
                                                (3)       Suckers                                              (9)       Governor shoe.        
                                                (4)       Conveyor belt                                                (10)     Feeding table                       
                                                (5)       Side lays                                            (11)     Blower                       
                                                (6)       Front lays                                           (12)     Grippers        

                                                CYLINDER ARRANGEMENT



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