Printing Craft Practice Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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Question 5

      (a)       Explain any two of the following stencil preparation methods:

  1. hand-cut stencils;
  2. tusche – and – glue;
  3. photographic stencils.


(b)       List:

  1. two materials used in screen printing process;
  2. two tools used in screen printing process.


(c)        Describe the basic principles of screen printing process.






Most candidates were able to list two materials and two tools used in screen printing process.  However, some were unable to explain the stencil preparation method listed in 5(a).

The expected response to the question is given below:


(a)       (1)       `Hand – cut stencils:  These are manually prepared by
removing the printing image areas from some form of base or support material
                                                (2)       Tusche – and – glue: This is an art process which involves
                                                            drawing directly on the screen fabric with lithographic tusche
(an oil-based pigment) and the blocking out of non-image areas with a water-based glue material.                                                                          
                                                (3)       Photographic stencils:  These are generally produced by the
use of a thick light – sensitive, gelatin based emulsion that is exposed and developed either on a supporting film or directly on the screen itself.

                                    (b)       (i)         Some materials used in screen printing process are:

(1)       silk/mesh;
(2)       dichromate;
(3)       positive image;
(4)       tracing paper;
(5)       cardboard;
(6)       screen printing ink.


(ii)        Some tools used in screen printing process are:

(1)       squeegee
(2)       sponge
(3)       frame
(4)       light source
(5)       printing base                                                             
(6)       stencil knife.                                                  

(c)        It is the stencil process of printing where with the aid of squeegee, ink is forced through the mesh unto the substrate.                                                                               






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