Printing Craft Practice Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 3

(a)       Define the term lithography.
                        (b)       (i)         List three materials used in lithographic process.
                                    (ii)        State one function each of the materials listed in 3(b)(i).
                        (c)        (i)         List three tools used in lithographic process.
                                    (ii)        State one function each of the tools listed in 3(c)(i).







       Most candidates were able to

                                    -           define lithography
                                    -           list tools used in lithographic process.

                                    However, they were unable to state the function of the tools used in lithography.

                                    The expected response is given below:

  1. Lithography is the process of printing where both the image and

non-image areas are on the same plane.  The image area is the ink receptive surface while the non-image area accept water.                    

(b)       (i)         Materials – Film, masking/cellotape, fixer, developer, deleting
                        fluid, masking sheet, litho sponge, gum arabic, inking solution,
                        plate, water, ink.

(ii)        Film – It is a light sensitive material used to obtain image on the camera from original copy.
used to transfer image unto the plate.

                                                            Plate – Image carrier for printing machine
masking/cellotape – to hold down film for assemblage.

Fixer – remove the remaining unexposed silver particles from
the film emulsion.
                                                            It makes the film insensitive to light.

                                                            Developer – used to bring out exposed image on film.
                                                            Deleting fluid – used to remove unwanted image on plate.

                                                            Masking sheet – used to protect area on the plate that are not
to be exposed to light.

                                                            Gum Arabic – It is a gum solution applied on plate to prevent
plate oxidation .

                                                            Inking solution – used to ascertain the acceptability of ink by
                                                            image area of the plate.

                                                            Litho sponge – soft material used to develop and clean the plate


(c)        (i)         Tools – Ruler, Surgical knife, Rotring pen, Punch, T-square,
Brush, Thermometer, set square, scissors, brush, basin/tray, sponge.                                             


                                                (ii)        Ruler – used as a guide during cutting and accurate
                                                            Surgical knife – use for cutting and stripping.
                                                            T-Square – used to lay film or plate straight on planing table.
                                                            Punch – to create hole on film or plate for registration
                                                            Brush – used to apply opaque on the film.
                                                            Thermometer – used to determine the darkroom temperature.
                                                            Set-Square – used to lay film or plate squarely on planning table.


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