Printing Craft Practice Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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Question 2


        2.         (a)       (i)         Define print finishing

                        (ii)        With the aid of a well labelled diagram, show the position of the staple
                                    wire on a saddle stitched job.

            (b)       State one use each of the following materials in print finishing:

  1. thread;
  2. leather;
  3. glue;
  4. end sheet.





Most candidates were able to

-           define print finish
-           state the uses of materials in print finishing.

However, they were unable to draw and label a diagram showing the position of the staple wire on a saddle stitched job.

The expected response is given below:

(a)       (i)         Print finishing is a generic term that covers all the pre-printing and
post printing operations that turns paper and other materials into finished articles.                                                       




(b)       (1)       Thread – used for securing operations, like sewing sections of books
                                    by hand or machine.

(2)       Leather – used as covering materials on books.

(3)       Glue – Adhesive used in securing operations i.e. spine, cover,
end sheet, etc.

(4)       End sheet – used to secure the cover to sewn sections of book.

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