Government Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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Question 3

Give three functions and three limitations of the legislature.


The question was very popular with the candidates.  However, answers to the        “limitations of the legislature” were poorly provided.  This resulted in the poor performance of candidates in this question.

Candidates were expected to explain the following to score maximum marks in this question:

Functions of the Legislature

  1. law making;
  2. approval of budget
  3. approval of presidential nominees;
  4. impeachment of the president;
  5. forum for debating national issues;
  6. ratification of treaties and foreign agreements;
  7. investigatory functions by Parliamentary Committees.

Limitations of the Legislature

  1. constitutional limitation;
  2. judicial control e.g. judicial review;
  3. dissolution of Parliament in the cabinet system;
  4. mandate of the electorate;
  5. pressure groups and public opinion.

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