Government Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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Question 4

(a)        Define indirect elections
(b)        Highlight five demerits of indirect elections.


This was an unpopular question and many of the candidates who attempted it failed to respond to the demands of the question.  Candidates’ performance in this question was below average. 

The candidates were expected to give the following answers:

  1. This is a system whereby the electorate will first vote for their representatives who in turn will vote for the final political office holders.
  2. (i)         undemocratic -  the electorate are not directly involved in the final choice of their                representatives;
     (ii)        the system does not offer wider political participation in the state;
      (iii)       promotes bribery and corruption and manipulation of delegates;
      (iv)       cumbersome procedures are usually followed due to involvement in several stages;
        (v)        final result may not reflect the will of the people;
      (vi)       it denies the people of the popular sovereignty;
       (vii)      it violates the democratic principle of one man one vote;
        (viii)     it may breed discontent and political instability;
        (ix)       It may lead to political apathy.

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