Government Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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General Comments




Question 6

Highlight any six features of the Igbo traditional societies.


A good number  of the candidates attempted this question.   However, they wrote on
“the functions of Igbo traditional societies” instead of “the features of Igbo traditional
 societies”.  This misinterpretation of the question resulted in the poor performance of
 the candidates.

Candidates were expected to highlight the following features:

  1. no centralized administration;
  2. the compound was the unit of administration;
  3. absence of formal political institutions;
  4. fusion of religious, judicial and political functions in governance;
  5. significant position of the age-grades;
  6. the family heads played important role in the administration of the village;
  7. title holders (Ozo title) played significant role in the traditional political system;
  8. decisions were reached by consensus;
  9. succession to leadership was not hereditary but based on achievement;
  10. there was the principle of checks and balances.

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