Government Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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Question 7

Highlight any six functions of the secretary of state for the colonies in the colonial period.


This question was avoided by most of the candidates.  The few who attempted it presented rather inadequate explanations to the question.  Candidates performance in this question was below average.  In order to score good marks, candidates should have given the following answers.

  1. responsible and accountable to the British parliament;
  2. advised the governors on the affairs of the colonies
  3. recommended to the crown people to be appointed as governors or to be transferred or dismissed;
  4. supervised the colonial administration by giving directives to the governors based on the British policies;
  5. received petitions and grievances from the colonies on behalf of the British parliament;
  6. submitted annual reports on the colonies to the British crown through the parliament;
  7. approved the drafting of a new constitution for the colonies;
  8. controlled the finances of the colonies through approval of budgets and auditing of accounts;
  9. set up commissions of enquiry to investigate issues in the colonies;
  10. approval of veto powers exercised by the governors.

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