Government Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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Question 5

(a)        Define a constituency.
(b)        Highlight any five merits of single-member constituency.


This was another unpopular question among the candidates as only a few of them attempted it.  The performance in this question was generally below average.

To score maximum marks in this question, candidates were expected to present their answers thus:  

                        (a)        A constituency is a district or a geographical area created by an Electoral
                                    Commission for the election of one or more persons into the legislature.

                        (b)        (i)         community support;
                                    (ii)        better knowledge of candidates;
                                    (iii)       active participation;
                                    (iv)       easy to operate;
                                    (v)        less expensive;
                                    (vi)       political stability;
                                    (vii)      easy accountability to members of the constituency;
                                    (viii)     emergence of the most popular candidate.

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