Government Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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General Comments


  1. Poor knowledge of the subject matter
    It was evident from some of the candidates’ responses that they did not possess an in depth knowledge of the subject matter.  Most of their answers were scanty.

  2. Poor grammatical expression
    Some candidates were unable to articulate their ideas on paper.
  3. Inability to interpret questions
    Some candidates failed to interpret questions correctly.   This made them to provide the wrong answers to some questions. 


  1. Candidates should endeavour to read relevant textbooks to improve their knowledge of the subject.
  2. Candidates should make effort to read newspapers, novels, etc. in order to improve on their use of English language.                                                                                       
  3. Teachers should take more time to teach their students how questions are to be interpreted.

(4)        Skimpy answers
Most of the candidates were unable to explain their points; they only supplied skimpy answers to the questions. The answers provided were too short and incomprehensive. They were sketchy and lacked satisfactory details enough to convince the examiners to award them good marks.



  1. Candidates should improve their reading habits because excellent grades require high determination and serious efforts;


  1. Candidates need to study adequately to improve their English language so as to be able to convey their ideas properly\;
  1. Teachers should be encouraged to participate in marking exercise where they will be exposed to marking system so as to know what to focus on when teaching the students;


  1. Candidates should endeavour to update their knowledge by reading relevant Government textbooks;
  1. Candidates should explain their points to earn full marks.
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