Government Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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Question 8

Give six reasons for military intervention in Nigeria politics in 1966.


This question was popular with the candidates.  Many of the candidates who attempted the question did justice to it and were rewarded appropriately.  The overall candidates’ performance in the question was good.

Candidates were able to give the following reasons to score good marks in this question.

  1. economic mismanagement – lack of prudence in expenditure and reckless spending by the politicians;
  2. election malpractices;
  3. bribery, corruption and embezzlement of public funds;
  4. breakdown of law and order – inability of the political leaders to maintain law and order before, during and after the elections;
  5. inordinate ambition of some military officers;
  6. favouritism and nepotism;
  7. politicization of the Armed Forces;
  8. contagious effect of military coups d’etat in other countries e.g. Togo;
  9. census crisis of 1962/63
  10. regionalization of political parties.

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