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Question 12

Identify six problems encountered by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).


This was a popular question and most candidates that attempted it performed well. The question was direct and straightforward without any ambiguity. Indeed, the candidates were able to identify the problems facing the Economic Community of West African States and explained their points well. To score good marks, they were expected to include the following points in their answers;


(i)         Military intervention in Politics – West Africa is still bedevilled by military coups.  This is seen as a major problem to the community’s quest for good and democratic governance;

  1. Language barrier – Member states are polarized into English, French and Portuguese languages.  This is seen as a barrier to the unity of the peoples of the sub-region;
  2. Fear of domination – Some of the smaller nations have great fear that big nations in the Community might dominate them.  Hence, there is mutual suspicion among them.
  3. Influence of foreign powers and ex-colonial masters.  Member states depend on them economically.

(v)        Difference in currency- Difference currencies create barriers in the exchange of goods and services in the sub-region.

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