Government Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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Question 6

Highlight any six features of the Yoruba pre-colonial political system.


This question was a very popular and straightforward one. It was attempted by many candidates who understood its requirements. Their performance was generally above average.  However, the candidates failed to provide relevant details of the features and salient terms for the offices. The following points were expected of the candidates:                      


  1. Centralization: It had a centralized system of public administration and governance;
  2. Single head:    Political authority was vested in one single head, the King (Oba);
  3. Political Institution:    There were several political/public institutions charged with specific public duties/responsibilities e.g. The Royalty (Alafin), The Kingmakers (Oyomesi), The Cult (Ogboni) etc;
  4. Checks and balances:  Governance was based on the principle of checks and balances especially between the King (Oba) and Oyomesi/Ogboni;
            Political Office Holders; There were numerous political office holders charged with strategic responsibilities e.g. village head or chief (baale) Ona-efa-chief Justice, Commandant (Are Ona Kankanfo) Head Warrior (Balogun) Otun-Oba, Osi-Oba, Akoda,etc
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